About Me

The Journey to a New Me

There are several different faucets to me.

I am a mother, a housewife, a teacher, and, oddly enough, someone who quilts in her free time as well.

I homeschool my son, which takes up a good portion of my day. I’ll also have some posts about this endeavor in addition to my regular posts.

I have been married for 22 years to my very best friend who inspires me, supports me, and is my biggest fan.

This journey is new to me. I have lost weight in the past, from dieting and exercise, but ever since my father died, all I have done is stress eat. Every time that I am stressed, I eat. Especially sweets. Omg the sweets! But now, I have to start over again. I would like to get to my goal weight of 150, but truthfully I’d be happy with 180. Right now, I’m 263. God, look at that number. 2.6.3. Luckily it isn’t my heaviest (that was 280), but it is not where I need to be. But I’ll get there.

Have a pretty hedgehog.

Homeschooling 101

I’ve been homeschooling now for a few years and I still feel like every year I need a refresher course on what it means to homeschool. Take, for example, this instance. Right now I am at my wit’s end and losing my patience, so I know that it is time to sit back, reflect, and… Continue reading Homeschooling 101


I’ve bought myself a food journal. It’s really cool b/c it has cuss words in it. Like it tells me to “Keep F***ing Going.” Who wouldn’t love that? Well, there may be some… but, oh well. Anyway, I’ve been trying to track my food intake and I can’t help but notice how much CARB LOADED… Continue reading Mindset

What I’m listening to:

Pretty much anything by Billie Eilish

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can chat about whatever and I can tell you what I’m working on.


I think that I’m going to post pictures of my fave meals here. We’ll see.

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