It’s that time

I’m starting to look at curriculum for the summer and next year. It’s kinda hard b/c as he gets older, we are starting to enter into 7th grade and I’ve never taught middle school science or history or math. These things, I think, are going to be the toughest things that I have ever done in my teaching career. I have a new curriculum coming for reading and writing, which shouldn’t be too hard, but I haven’t used this one before and I’m curious if it is going to be beneficial. It looks very similar to what I used to use when I taught in public, but that was so long ago that I hope I remember what it like to do this specific type of backwards planning.

Math, now that is going to be the interesting one. Only b/c I hate math. And that has translated to The Boy, although he is way better at it than I ever was. And we are starting to get into mixed fractions and such. I know, I can hear some of you laughing, but fractions are hard for me, and I’m not good at mixing them. Really.

Science – now that is something that he is VERY good at and I’ve had to bump up his curriculum for that up into the high school levels. We’re getting into high 8th, low 9th for this subject and it’s starting to intimidate me b/c how am I supposed to teach science at that level? Luckily, I found a curriculum on and hopefully will be challenging enough to make sure that he isn’t bored.

That is the greatest fear that I have, that I’m not challenging him enough. Guess that is why I am looking for things that are really going to be harder than what he is used to. No more lapbooks and easy peasy homeschooling. We need to really get into the middle school mindset, and I have to let go of the fact that he is no longer in elementary. Gone are the days of the paper projects (minus the roller-coaster that we still have to build for his Nova award for Scouts). Now are the days of note-taking, research papers, and heavy duty projects. Ugh.

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